Once Shah-i-Kot had been isolated, the Afghan militia would advance into the valley as a “hammer” that would drive the Taliban and al Qaeda into the “anvil” composed of entrenched American forces. A small valley with a base elevation of 7,500 feet and limited access, the mountain ridges that border it contain countless caves, crevasses, and other natural features that make it a defender’s dream and an attacker’s nightmare. The plan began falling apart when the inadequately trained and inexperienced local Afghan militia, demoralized by a friendly fire incident, inadequate bombing of al Qaeda positions, and stiffer-than-expected opposition, stopped fighting and returned to its base within hours after the battle had started. A Reminder for Myself and Other Instructors, B.E. Chuck’s element due to circumstances beyond his control were split between the two largest bases in Afghanistan. 5:25 a.m. Chapman crawls into the bunker he and Slabinski had cleared. As a result, fearing a friendly-fire incident, a nearby gunship is ordered not to provide support for Mako 30. 4:56-5:16 a.m. Chapman and Slabinski clear one bunker, killing two enemy fighters. 1 2 3 4:27 a.m.Roberts, who fought on the peak alone before being wounded and captured, is killed by his captors. The helicopter carrying Mako 30 crash-lands after its pilot tried and failed to return to Takur Ghar for Roberts. Around the same time, a helicopter carrying nine members of a 19-man Ranger Quick Reaction Force approaches the mountain. The plan anticipated the operation would take three days, with the heaviest fighting occurring on the first day. Tech Sgt. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. As Mack began his approach, he requested that the patrolling C-130 gunship sweep the summit prior to the insertion. The description of Chapman’s actions after 5:16 a.m. are based on the Air Force’s recent analysis of the battle. With the reinforcements present, seven Rangers storm the enemy position at the top of the peak, securing the hilltop. An 1878 killing in Madison still haunts the man who wrote a book on the case.
U.S. Air Force photo. The estimate determined that the valley contained 200 to 300 lightly armed, demoralized terrorists living among the 800 to 1,000 Afghan civilians in the valley’s four villages. ©  Primary & Secondary  |  powered by the WikiWP theme and WordPress. Pro Guns, Gear, Tactics, Training, & Discussion.

It also marked the first time that Air National Guard ground units, particularly pararescue personnel and air combat controllers, were used to support joint ground combat operations. He refused to cry in front of his people and bottled it all up inside so his “strength” would set an example for his men who still had a job to do. The top of Takur Ghar after the battle in March 2002. John Chapman.
The SEAL goes to help the surviving members of Mako 30 who are on the mountain but away from the fighting. Mack’s orders originally called for him to insert Mako 30 at the offset landing zone near Takur Ghar hours before, but maintenance problems with the original helicopter assigned to the mission and a B-52 bombing mission near Takur Ghar that interfered with the insertion had delayed him. Sgt. The Battle of Takur Ghar. They shot down their helicopter and killed three of Chuck’s guys. As originally drafted, Anaconda was to have several concentric outer rings composed of U.S. SOF, friendly Afghan militia, and special operations personnel – from Australia, England, and other nations – who would surround the valley. MiddayAn enemy counterattack wounds Senior Airman Jason D. Cunningham and others with the Rangers. Survivors of Chuck’s Platoon gearing up to fly home in April 2002. Learn how your comment data is processed. Chuck’s youngest Son, Jack Matthew is named after Matt Commons. Chuck’s youngest Son, Jack Matthew is named after Matt Commons. John Chapman. DWIGHT JON ZIMMERMAN is a bestselling and award-winning author, radio host, and president of the... © 2020 Defense Media Network. This resulted in a paucity of facts that led to an intelligence estimate overly dependent on guesswork and recent past experience.

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Mako 30 breaks contact with the enemy. Two of Chuck’s NCO’s try to console Chuck’s grieving Platoon Leader. The area outlined in blue is the Shah-i-Kot Valley, about 100 hundred miles south of Kabul, Afghanistan, near the Pakistani border. The Battle of Takur Ghar draws to a close.

Early on the morning of the 4th the half of Chuck’s Platoon that were with the Platoon Leader at the other base were sent to a mountain top to rescue a Navy Seal unit pinned down in a fire fight. Slabinski requests the mission be postponed 24 hours. • Resources and tips for coping with the effects of the outbreak.