NASA also said there is no reason to panic. NASA data indicates that an asteroid is projected to come towards Earth on Nov. 2 — exactly one day before the 2020 U.S. presidential election, according to CNN and Yahoo News. Even more exciting, Chodas in 2002 found what he believes was the leftover Saturn V third stage from 1969′s Apollo 12, the second moon landing by NASA astronauts. “But it’s the first time, in my view, that all the pieces fit together with an actual known launch.". “Some more data would be useful so we can know for sure,” she said in an email. The Hayabusa, the first spacecraft to bring home raw material from an asteroid, is to release a canister expected to contain asteroid dust near the Earth.

NASA has been directed by Congress to discover 90% of the near-Earth asteroids larger than 459 feet in size and reports on asteroids of any size.” — NASA said, according to The Hill. It never was designated as an asteroid, and left Earth's orbit in 2003. Copyright © 2020 Deseret News Publishing Company. It reads, “If (2020 QG) had actually been on an impact trajectory, it would likely have become a fireball as it broke up in Earth’s atmosphere, which happens several times a year.”, 2020 Rounds Off Apocalyptic Year With Asteroid Coming Earth’s Way, On November 2, an asteroid will pass by Earth a day before the presidential elections, Congress put NASA Asteroid Watch in charge of monitoring any such objects that might pose a risk to Earth.

But it was too dim to see from 5 million miles away, he said. Our Planetary Defense Coordination Office constantly monitors potential threats from asteroids and other Near-Earth Objects.”.

Chodas doubts the object will slam into Earth — “at least not this time around.”, The Atlas Centaur 7 rocket is pictured on September 20, 1966, ahead of its launch. A mystery object in 1991, for example, was determined by Chodas and others to be a regular asteroid rather than debris, even though its orbit around the sun resembled Earth’s. The object, known as “asteroid 2020 SO”, is heading towards our planet and will be captured by Earth’s gravity in mid-November. This date falls just one day before the U.S. presidential elections. Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune will not renew Joint Operating Agreement. A Nasa expert now believes that a recently-discovered “asteroid” is actually a discarded part of the rocket. Lastly, it’s approaching Earth at 1,500 mph, which is deemed slow by asteroid standards. NASA said over the weekend that an asteroid is headed toward Earth one day before Election Day, prompting immediate fears and jokes that 2020 just won’t quit.. “If it were to enter our planet’s atmosphere, it would disintegrate due to its extremely small size. Start your day with the top stories you missed while you were sleeping. As the object gets closer, astronomers should be able to better chart its orbit and determine how much it’s pushed around by the radiation and thermal effects of sunlight. The asteroid, known as 2018VP1, was first spotted back in 2018.

Astronauts Say Flying Falcon 9 Rocket Is ‘Totally Different’ From Flying Space Shuttle, Congress charged the agency with the task, what a normal event occurrences like these can be, Coca-Cola No Longer Selling Tab And Other Iconic Drinks After 2020, Today Will Mark NASA’s First All-Female Spacewalk. The lander ended up crashing into the moon after one of its thrusters failed to ignite on the way there. Fortunately, this isn’t a cause for distress at the end of the day.

Start your Independent Premium subscription today. The latest object’s route is direct and much more stable, bolstering his theory. Also, its path seems to have the asteroid passing by Earth instead of colliding with the planet. by
AN ASTEROID flying through space at more than 21,300mph will make a safe pass of Earth in November 2020, NASA's asteroid trackers have confirmed. The object is also in the same plane as Earth, not tilted above or below - another red flag. It was discovered back in 2018 when it was about 280,000 miles from Earth.

If it’s an old Centaur — essentially a light empty can — it will move differently than a heavy space rock less susceptible to outside forces. But Nasa’s leading asteroid expert has said he now believes it it not an asteroid. Learn more:, — NASA Asteroid Watch (@AsteroidWatch) August 19, 2020. “I could be wrong on this. The asteroid — named 2018VP1 — has a diameter of about 6.5 feet, per The Hill. He predicts the object will spend about four months circling Earth once it’s captured in mid-November, before shooting back out into its own orbit around the sun next March. All Rights Reserved, An asteroid is headed toward Earth for Election Day because of course it is, Black lives matter should be a universally accepted message, Latter-day Saint leader tells BYU audience.