Arash the Archer in recent literature: *SIYAVASH KASRAEE, the Iranian poet has a poem by name, Arash the Archer *TOURAN SHAHRIYARI, the Iranian poetess has a poem by name, ARASH and TIRGAN Here some parts of Arash poem By Siavash Kasrai the Iranian Contemporary poet. ARASH thrown an arrow which moved from morning till afternoon and landed on JEYHOON River. Siavash Kasraie, contemporary Iranian poet, wrote the long poem of Arash the Archer in 1959. TABARI, named this archer as ARASH SHATIN, and NOLDEKE, assumes, this word, is the KHASHVOUEE ISHOU, which means, the god of fast shooting arrow, and this is a character or title of ARASH. Arash Kamangir (Arash the Archer) آرش کمانگیر Below is summary of Arāsh e Kamāngīr (Arash the Archer) poem by Sīāvash Kasrāī (Siavash Kasraie) one of the well-known poets. To see full poem click here. This epic narrative is based on this ancient Persian myth. So the said river assumed as the border. Bahram Bayzai in … Thus, in rendering a translation of the poem ‘Arash the Archer’, it has been tried to remain as consistent as possible with the original work’s syntactico-semantic content, while trying to keep up as much as possible with the expressive voice of the author and at the same time attempting to make the poetic language of the original as visible in the target rendition.