The problem with BDAR Discharges is that they’re only eligible for claims against SCHOOLS, not servicing companies. I would definitely get that reviewed, because it may make it far easier to get rid of the debt than having to pursue a discharge via the official student loan-related programs!

I can’t really assist, and unfortunately, you’re kind of stuck at this point. What Other Federal Assistance Programs Should I Consider? This letter was also sent to Senator's office, where I went for assistance. This is because I was only paying interest which I didn’t know at the time. They are failing customers by not having the correct communication methods. In general, I am good with information and finances, but am still trying to cope with a lot of legal/financial issues from the divorce. I have no idea. Try contacting the Student Loan Ombudsman Group to see what they think.

Nobody knows, but they’re likely to last for several more years because Navient is purposefully postponing the rulings. Not only will rehabilitation get your loans back on track, but it may also help your credit and lower your collection costs. My repayment status is good, but I don’t want to pay another 21 years for a scam that I feel duped into by ITT.

Hi Tim! I have had this loan since 2009 they never told it was a private student I was going to an online school the school never told me they just said it was a loan if I could e sign it so I did. When I became disabled and was finally able to talk to someone (mental health), they “lowered” the payment to 250-300 usd, again very close to my original payment, and I was only receiving a bit over 400 a month. Your best bet would be trying to get Government jobs that allow you guys to qualify for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, and then use an Income-Driven Repayment Plan to reduce your monthly payments as you work toward earning the forgiveness benefit. Hi, Or if when applying for any forbearance had to pay a $150 fee first. My mom is still in 60k debt from school loans and im getting there with the ridiculous interst of Sallie Mae. I eventually got pushed into forbearances and deferments by Sallie Mae because there was no way I could keep up. The problem i'm encountering is that Great Lakes told me they had two of my federal loans for a short time but transferred it back to Navient. I don't know if they don't have the original IBR papers or if they do or whether this was do to recertification. I am trying to get a handle on my debts. I am slightly confused as to how to proceed, though.

Yes I do! I spoke with the student loan relief helpline (janice:)who told me no borrowers defense was available for private loans at all… Did I jump to conclusions after reading the “Does The CFPB Lawsuit Cover Both Federal And Private Loans?” portion of this page to think that if Navient forced me into forbearance and deferment I may have a case for discharge or forgiveness? Years after I resumed payments, I applied for the Teacher forgiveness (I am a 14 year NYC public school teacher in a Title 1 school). Even though she is pro se, she must comply with this rule. So I began requesting some information from Navient and Pioneer, but they are reluctant to give me such documents. I can steer you to a great LAW FIRM who specializes in this, but they only work with Private Student Loans, so let me know! I graduated in 06 and fully repaid my loans by 17. It sounds like you want to deal with the debt, and I have a feeling this will be your best option. Once this documentation is received, an FHC Representative will contact you to assist in finding the best option for you. Fortunately, you can get help from the Student Loan Ombudsman Group, a Federal Government-backed group of lawyers who offer FREE legal advice on student loan-related issues like yours. Thanks. I’m in FL. I can’t tell you for sure without knowing more details about your situation, but if you’re asking can you qualify for a BDAR Discharge because they didn’t get you put on an Income-Based Plan?
Ever since then, I have been in a holding pattern with the RRP because of how high the accrued interest has inflated the payments & balance. anti-Trump and pro-Obama? I took out a private Sallie Mae loan in 2015/2016 for my school. Yes, the Helpline can’t do anything for you if all you’re trying to do is sue Navient. There are massive lawsuits against the company right now that are still being worked on, and those MIGHT bring relief when they’re done, but it could take years to finish. You can reach them at 1-877-317-0455. We definitely were on a first name basis by then. They got sold to Navient when we consolidated them. I also attended DeVry ( where total in loans come from).

17-CV-797 TSE/TCB (E.D.

Navient has not out me in a repayment plan that suits my income. Since I have been making the payments, can I file for the BDAR application to see if I am eligible? The Department of Education doesn’t randomly call people to tell them that they are qualified for forgiveness. I think you should try for the Teacher Loan Forgiveness application again.

Thank you so much for this informative website and your awesome insight. I only knew to ask this from prior experience of a friend who co-signed on a car loan. The school lied and said by the time students ready to transfer credits would be transferable. However, I'm not sure WHY they have been calling.

This is SUCH a scam  .